Traditional pastries of Monemvasia

By biting an amigdaloto…

A history, a myth, a scent of flavours from the unchanged past are revealed. It will capture your senses with its unique aroma.

Maison Charamis

Amigdaloto and its region!

Since 1958 and based on grandmother’s old recipes, Maison Charamis prepares the amidgaloto with an extremely delicate taste and by using the same Greek, pure and traditional ingredients. In that way, we carry on the family tradition of amidgaloto’s art.

Moreos Idista - Charamis

Our products

With passion and unchanged flavour over time.

Αμυγδαλωτά | Μορέως ήδιστα - Χαραμής

A history, a myth, an aroma

Τα Παραδοσιακά μας | Μορέως ήδιστα - Χαραμής

delicious temptations that are hard to resist

Πάστες & Τούρτες | Μορέως ήδιστα - Χαραμής

Luscious taste, a sweet feast!


Unique choices for unforgettable weddings and other events that will create a memorable experience with your guests.


The quality and taste of our products are recognised internationally. Our only goal is your pleasure.