Maison Charamis

Amigdaloto and its region!

Since 1958 and based on grandmother’s old recipes, Maison Charamis prepares the amidgaloto with an extremely delicate taste and by using the same Greek, pure and traditional ingredients. In that way, we carry on the family tradition of amidgaloto’s art.

Moreos Idista - Charamis

Creating tasteful memories

From 1958 till today and from the very first generation to the very latest, our philosophy remains the same. The emphasis is always given to the biological ingredients used for pastries and the true care for all of our employees.

After all, our motto is “the secret is found in our passion and in the pure ingredients”.

Also, there has always been the desire to evolve and to improve both our products and our services. As a result of these efforts is our certification with the ISO 22000:2018, an exceptional distinction, especially because very few patisseries of traditional dessert possess it in Greece.

Welcome to the delicious world of our Amigdaloto!

Αμυγδαλωτά | Μορέως ήδιστα - Χαραμής

A history, a myth, an aroma

Our amigdaloto

Τα Παραδοσιακά μας | Μορέως ήδιστα - Χαραμής

with Monemvasia aroma

Our traditional desserts

Πάστες και Τούρτες | Μορέως ήδιστα - Χαραμής

with the purest ingredients

Pastries and Cakes


our passion

our commitment to quality

our pure ingredients

our aromas

our flavours

our love for our products