Our traditional desserts

souvenirs from Monemvasia

It’s an art that needs fantasy, creativity and of course… love!

In the old days, when the orange trees of Seville offered their blossoms, the unique distillation cauldron of the Monemvasia Castle was carried around the houses and offered the precious orange blossom water to the housewives. The castle was filled with a unique fragrance and smelled wonderful from afar. The almond trees, loaded with almonds, generously offered their fruits, giving soul to the marzipan and the dessert in syrup of candied almonds in Monemvasia.

For 60 years, Maison Charamis has been creating delicious temptations for you, hard to be resisted, as they are particularly nutritious and healthy. They are a real delight to your palate without any remorse!


Made by the purest and freshest ingredients, our kourabiedes are so delicious and unique that they melt on the palate.

In Maison Charamis, we use undoubtedly only the very best ingredients and we prepare our kourabiedes with great care and passion. 


Diples are made by thin sheets of dough that are folded while being fried with a specific manner into a crispy package. The secret for perfect diples is to be well crispy and drizzled with honey. What makes the difference regarding our diples is the pure Greek honey and our love.


Dated back to the Byzantine period, samousades were considered to be a very elegant, “aristocratic” dessert that enhances the tradition of Monemvasia. It’s an exceptional dessert, and this is due to its heritage, its unique combination of ingredients and of course our passion during its preparation!

It’s traditionally made with thick and rustic homemade phyllo dough. Then the phyllo is dusted with ground walnuts, chopped almonds and sesame seeds.

Different kinds of spices, such as cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg, also give to this dessert its aroma and its very characteristic taste.


Αs its name suggests, it is shaped like a flute.

We use almost the same ingredients to those of samousades, but its taste and texture are different. This is mainly due to the flute-shape phyllo, which elaborately encloses grated walnuts and chopped almonds in its folds. Its shape also prevents the syrup from spilling out.

It is a light dessert and easy to eat. Hard to stop once you’ve started eating!


Originally from Santorini, melitinia is an alternative version of Cretan skaltsounia. What truly distinguishes this dessert is its filling from anthotyro. This cheese, combined with honey and cinnamon, is the secret for the very delicate taste of melitinia, which has perfect balance between sweet and salty.


One of the most known Greek traditional desserts from the Aegean island of Chios. And its secret ingredient is of course the mastiha of Chios.
It is one of the finest and most tasteful traditional desserts which has become very popular in our area.


Our siropiasta are traditionally made with the purest and freshest ingredients. You can find a plethora of incredible flavours, in all sizes.

They are totally irresistible for people with a sweet tooth! Get ready for a journey through time, with flavours from another era, and enjoy galaktoboureko, gianniotiko, baklavas & saragli!

Glyka koutaliou

Glyka koutaliou or otherwise our grandmother’s desserts are a part of our heritage, which we keep tightly locked as we plan to pass it on to the next generation.

Our grandmothers always made sure to wait for us with the jars full of these desserts.

And we are continuing this legacy.